Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nails Of The Day 10/06/12!

Hello Everyone:) 

I hope you are enjoying my more regular posts!
I am back for yet another NOTD.
As I said in a previous post, I have been obsessed with painting my nails.
So after just having plain Red nails, I have decided to go back to designs.
So I did a two-toned effect, with a teal and pink.

and these are the polishes I used..

L-R O.P.I. RapiDry Top Coat, O.P.I.'s Teal The Cows Come Home, BYS Nail Polish (shade unknown)

I first took the BYS Polish and applied this to half of my nail, the different half on every nail.

Then took O.P.I's Teal The Cows Come Home and but this on the other halves of the nails, 
then applied another coat of each..

Then I used O.P.I.'s RapiDry Top Coat, which I also used as a base coat to prevent the polish from staining my nails.

Thanks for reading this post and follow my blog for more NOTD posts!

- Charr xxx

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