Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser


I thought i would review this product for you because, quite frankly, i LOVE it.

I bought it around February time, it was £5.99 it comes in a box, (which i threw away), and it comes with a muslin cloth.

I tried it once, and it broke me out, so i didn't use it for a while.

Around last week, i decided to give it another go, but i used it the wrong way, i took my makeup off, then used it, so yeah, i have my blonde moments..

So then, i used it again, this time with my makeup on, and i'm surprised how well and quickly it takes off your makeup, I'm not sure about waterproof makeup, but it takes it off with one wipe!

How I Use It:
1. Squeeze about a grape sized amount onto my hands, then spread evenly across my face.
2. Rub it around my eyes (it doesn't sting my eyes or anything)
3. Wet the muslin cloth with warm water, not too hot.
4. Wipe the cleanser off my face with the muslin cloth.
5. Rinse my face with cold water & pat dry.

I love this product, and i still use face wipes for days where i can't be bothered to remove my makeup with the cleanser, but as soon as i run out, i am definatley going to re-purchase!

Packaging wise..
I like the packaging, it could be better, but obviously you don't buy a product for the packaging.
I prefer having products in a tube rather than a bottle or whatever, because you will be able to get near enough everything out.

I cannot compare it to the Liz Earle one, all i can say it by my knowledge it is the cheapest Hot Cloth Cleanser out there..

a few pictures...

my face after i used this.. i look horrible, i know but it really gets rid of everything!

you can buy it here:

thanks for reading & please follow this blog for more reviews!

-Charr xxx

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