Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nail Of The Day 07/06/12!

I am super obsessed with painting my nails lately.
I've had glitter tips, newpaper nails, and my pink glitterly nails, (which i did a post on earlier in the week).
But I thought to myself that I should do a plain coloured nail.
So I looked through my nail polishes and decided to go a classic Red nail!
ps. they look a bit bad, because I find red a hard colour to paint with!

I'm going out in a few minutes so I will put another coat on etc later!

So the star of the show is; 

BarryM Nail Paint in 262 Bright Red.

So speaking of nail polish..
I have won a giveaway from Aimee, from aouibitof;
Essie's Fiji!
I cannot wait til it comes in the post!:D
Thanks Aimee if you see this!

So yeah, that is my nails of the day, I am off out now, so I shall speak in the next blogpost!


-Charr xxx

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  1. I love barry m nail polishes so much, and this colour is lovely! :)x